2015 Goals

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With the New Year many people look back and set goals for what they want to change for the year in front of them. I’m not against this but many people set goals and never accomplish them…myself included. Instead of focusing on what wasn’t good last year I want to look forward and find ways to make my life and my family’s life better. So here are a few goals I have set for myself!

1.) Read more. Not only books for myself but I want to read more to my boys. I want to encourage a life long love for books!

2.) Eating healthy and adding in exercise. I say this every year but there are some differences this year. Hubby is on board to change things around the house in support. Last year when I started Bikini Body Mommy I saw great changes in my body but life happened and I didn’t finish and reverted back to old habits. I plan to read the Trim Healthy Mama book and start eating the way our bodies were made to eat. So many people have had success with it I figure it can’t be too hard to make changes.

3.) I also want to find more ways that I can help save money or make money for our household. I already do a lot which I’ll share along the way but I want to do more if possible.

4.) Actually use my blog! Setting up new blog that I will actually use is a goal. After blogging for 3 years I have yet to be consistent so I’m hoping that this year will be different!

What are your goals this new year?


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