Ways I Save Money

Being a homemaker/homeschooler means that we are a one income family. It gets tough at times but I how to do my part pretty well, save money when possible and spend it cautiously when you need to.

I do it several ways.


  • Baking bread
  • Baking our cookies and other snacks when I can
  • Eating leftovers for lunches or making easy lunches
  • Buy beef from local farmer (you can do this in the city or the country)
  • Make two meals at a time and freeze the other for another night when life doesn’t work out as planned
  • Easy snacks
  • Meal planning and make a list when shopping


  • Using a laundry ball instead of laundry soap
  • Making household cleaners using vinegar and doTerra essential oils
  • Using cloth towels instead of paper ones
  • Using cloth napkins instead of paper ones
  • Clothesline to save on dryer energy
  • Buying quality soap and using a foam soap pump for soap dispensers
  • Buying quality toothpaste so a little goes a long way
  • Using the No Poo method


  • Using doTerra Essential oils to keep us from getting sick
  • Oil pulling

Look for more follow up posts on these topics over the next couple week!


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