How Rocket Learned to Read: A Children’s Book Review

Monkey is in kindergarten and he is learning to read which is really hard to learn at 5 years old. It’s overwhelming and requires plenty of patience. This book is great for Monkey to know that’s learning to read can be fun even though it is difficult at times.
Plus the pictures are very bright and colorful and hold Goose’s attention throughout the story. It’s an easy read and it is easy to add in different voices for the two characters to make it more interesting to the boys without much difficulty on my part.
But what I love the most is that it teaches that you can go anywhere in a book and experience different things through your imagination just by learning how to read! What more could a homeschool mom ask for! It explains that each letter has a different sound and that those sounds make up words. It also has Rocket spell out words so I’m able to say the letters to the word spelled out and then say the words.
Turning storytime into a school lesson: When ever we reach the page where the little yellow bird hangs up her alphabet banner Monkey asks if he can sing the ABC song. Then we say each letter and it’s sound for Goose to learn his alphabet too. It is just so cute! I’m so happy that I found this book and I think I will be looking into getting some of Tad Hills others publishing’s since I love this one so much!

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