How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

So contrary to common beliefs bacon grease can actually be really good for you and it adds AMAZING flavor to many dishes. The secret is learning the right time to cook, flavor, eat bacon grease. I’m still learning this but I will share with you how I do it as I learn more.

I normally cook all our bacon at the beginning of the week and then heat it up in the pan each morning before I cook our eggs. That way I can use the healthy bacon grease to fry or scramble my eggs. The one thing I will tell you right now…if you do this make sure you have no bread or other carbohydrate foods with it! This is very important! You must wait at least 3 hours before you eat anything with a high carb content!

For now I will just teach you how to make it in the over so you can save the healthy grease and use it later. First get your stoneware baking sheet and make sure that has sides. If you don’t have a stoneware baking sheet make sure to line your metal one with heavy duty aluminum foil.

Then lay out your bacon on your baking sheet.

Place the bacon in the oven and turn oven on to 400 degrees. 

Set timer for 20 minutes for thick cut bacon. That’s all we eat so you will need to adjust your timer for thinner slices.

Check to make sure it is cook to your desire. I always under cook mine a little because when you warm up your bacon later in the week it will finish cooking the rest of the way.


Doesn’t that look yummy! This is right when I put it in the oven! Oh…I’m getting hungry!


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