What’s for Breakfast?

Breakfast has so many options! Donuts, cinnamon rolls, cereal, eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes…Oh I’m getting hungry! But in a house with a hubby that has to leave early and kids begging to eat at my feet what do I cook every morning? Well cereal won’t cut it in my house. The boys think it’s a special treat when we they get cereal. It’s like a holiday!

So what do I cook? Anything with eggs normally. Our family favorite is Dippin’ Eggs! Two eggs over-easy with one to two pieces of bacon and for the hubby and kids a piece of homemade bread…for the dipping! I also make scrambled eggs with sauteed veggies. Zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, carrots, onion…etc! Whatever veggies you like. Of course you have to make sure that they don’t have too many carbs because you have to stay below 10 grams but that’s pretty easy with these ideas if you stay away from breads. I also fry all my eggs in butter! Yes butter! It gives them such a better flavor and the fat from the butter helps me stay full long enough to reach lunch! I mean who could ask for a better breakfast than this to start your day?

So how do I do it? Several ways.

  1. I always make sure that I have cooked bacon on hand. I never cook bacon in the morning. Normally a day or two after I go to town to get bacon I have an Oven Bacon Cooking Day! I cook until just before it’s crispy so that way when I heat it up in the morning it gets the correct crispiness! This makes my cooking time less.
  2. If I don’t have much time, like we plan on spending the day in town, I try and create a scramble or breakfast burritos. I try to have veggies already chopped up but if I don’t it’s doesn’t take to long to chopped up a zucchini and quickly saute it up. Then I add enough eggs for everyone to eat and serve it up with a little chopped bacon and melted cheese.
  3. And when all else fails on those morning that I’m barely walking the boys get cereal while I cook eggs for Hubby before he leaves for work. Then I wait an hour or so to wake up and then I cook myself yummy eggs and make sure that snack time is early for the boys and more on the healthy side since breakfast wasn’t all that good.

So what I have noticed since I cut out my morning bread and started cooking with butter and eating lots of yummy healthy fats in the morning? I stay full until lunch time and most days until 1 pm when I finally get the boys to lay down and make myself lunch. Because of this I’m less likely to snack and eat more foods than I should. I haven’t officially lost any pounds yet but I have not gained which is a plus in my book! When the scale keeps going up it’s a good day when it stays the same! I also have a better start to my day. I’m happy because I got to eat a very yummy breakfast and then I don’t have to try and snack throughout school time or listen to my tummy grumble while trying to focus on Monkey sounding out words.

How do you start your morning?


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