When You’re Not a Football Fan

Just a few more days until SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Can you feel my excitement? Probably not because there really isn’t much there.

So what are you suppose to do while the rest of the world is watching the Super Bowl? Here are a few ideas!

  1. Go to the Grocery Store! Wait until after the game starts and then head to the grocery store to do your weekly shopping. You can almost guarantee it will be a ghost town especially if your home team is playing!
  2. Go to the Movies! Everyone else is having parties and get togethers so grab your family and make it a special family day too! You shouldn’t have to worry about crowded theaters or long lines for popcorn!
  3. Park Play! If it’s a nice day outside head to the park and enjoy a fun day with an empty playground. Pack a picnic and make a full day out of it. How knows maybe you will meet another family of non-football fans.
  4. Have Your Own Party! This is what we get to do every year on Super Bowl Sunday! Hubby’s birthday always falls on this weekend so we get to have a birthday party! Sometimes we have people come over and sometimes it’s just been us. Past years were dependent on if the Bronco’s were playing or not but since we moved I’m not sure how important the Super Bowl is to people in Oklahoma.

How do you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?


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