Parenting is HARD. It’s hard work every day. It requires you to be present at every moment. It requires you to teach, set an example and have patience you never thought imaginable.
Parenting takes practice. It takes trial and error. It takes making mistakes and making changes.
Parenting means giving grace and mercy even in the toughest of situations. It means having understanding. It means talking, sharing, and getting dirty.
Parenting is hugs, kisses and cuddles. It is giving love unconditionally. It is giving your life over to someone else. It is a growing heart throughout the years beyond anything you could imagine.
Parenting is the greatest gift we get to experience every day! Parenting is living in the moment and enjoying the gift given from up above. It is the best example of how God loves us. It is understanding the grace that God gives us every day.
Today choose to live in the moment and enjoy your children! Enjoy the parenting role you were given!

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