What is a Homemaker?

what is a homemaker

I decided to Google “What is a Homemaker?” before I wrote this post and I was brokenhearted by what found online. Urban Dictionary was the worst. The awful things that are said about being at home raising children is downright awful.

I remember being a small child and wanting to be a mom when I grew up. I remember being told that wasn’t a career choice so I had to choose something else. I chose teacher. It was the closest thing to a mom I could pick. So I joined Future Teachers of America club in high school along with other groups that allowed me to work with younger children and get a feel for teaching. Then after high school I headed to college and preceded to waste money on an education that I only used for two years of teaching. Then I became a nanny and then a mom and haven’t looked back.


How many people in the workforce can actually say they wake up every morning and head off to their dream job? I don’t think it would be that many. But I’m a lucky one!

It’s not watching TV and eating BonBon’s. It’s hard work every day. It’s caring for other peoples needs 24 hours a day. I’m on call at all times. Hubby needs a healthy meal to get him started in the day. Boys needs food ALL DAY LONG along with teaching, play time, and cuddle time. It’s waking up in the middle of the night to change wet sheets or help an upset tummy. It is never ending cleaning each day. No matter how much I get accomplished there is always more. It is running errands, managing finances, and getting out into the world to enjoy other people outside our little home. It’s reading stories, making crafts, playing games. It’s teaching respect, manners, and many other character qualities that take hours of instruction on top of the regular reading, writing, arithmetic.

Homemaking is serving others almost every moment of every day. But I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. My boys know that I’m always there for them whenever they need me. They know they are safe to explore new things where ever we go because mom is there to help them through whatever the new task might be.¬†Homemaking is watching my children grow, learn, and experience life with me!

Homemaking is so much more than just cleaning house, folding laundry, and cooking meals. It’s more than just sitting around and wasting time romance novels, watching TV or checking out of reality on social media.

Homemaking is being present in our daily lives and the lives of those we hold closet to our hearts every moment of every day. Homemaking is a positive in both my life and the life of my family.

So what is a homemaker?

A homemaker is a person who is present daily to serve those who are most important in their life. That’s what I believe a homemaker is!

Please share what your thoughts are about being a homemaker!


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