We are a family of four! One Daddy, One Mommy, and Two Adorable Boys!


I’m Kari, and a Christ follower and I try to do my best in honoring Him and using His Word to direct my life. I try to be the wife and mother He has called me to be. Of course I struggle everyday with the temptations of the world but I push through it with the strength Jesus gives me!


Hubby is currently not a believer but I trust that God is working on his heart to change his path. Hubby works a lot of hours between work and our new property we are trying to move on to in the next year. But he loves coming home to us and spending time with us!


Monkey who is 5 years old and God’s gift to our family. Monkey started his kindergarten year of homeschool this year and doing well so far. With our recent move he’s struggling to adjust to our more laid back schedule but we are hoping to make some friends soon to fill our schedule. He loves everything from reading books to superheroes to puzzles.


We were lucky enough to have two miracles in our family. Goose joined us in July 2012 after having a scary start. Goose has his own funny personality just like Hubby. He love to make everyone laugh and be the center of attention. He loves Monkey and follows him around everywhere trying to do everything his big brother does.

My goal with this blog is to archive our lives while sharing information that I hope will help others. Please comment and give me your views and feedback. I would love to do product reviews for small companies or products that will benefit my family.

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