Monkey’s Birth Story

So I have one of those crazy “I didn’t know I was pregnant” stories. Yes I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was pretty far along but I will get to that. 

In May 2008 we picked up and moved out of state. We found out 2 years earlier that I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and that we would have a hard time conceiving on our own. My dreams of getting pregnant right away were crushed! So after 2 years of nothing we decided we needed a change so we moved. 

So we were enjoying life in Tulsa and small town life. Every Sunday morning we would walk down the street to the local diner and get breakfast, we’d sit on the front porch and talk with our neighbors and visit with family in the area.

Then in October I knew something was up. I knew something was wrong so I headed to the local medical campus to see an OBYGN and figure out what was happening. I didn’t end up getting any answers though. So I figured that I was fine and I kept going on with my daily life. Sure I had this never ending cold and cough, I couldn’t sleep and I was so exhausted I was barely able to function through that daily life but when pregnancy isn’t an option and I was throwing up all the time you figure it’s just the move and new job.

Thanksgiving came and we were planning on staying home and enjoying family dinner with Hubby’s side of the family but then I was getting very homesick and wasn’t sure that I could wait until Christmas so we packed up and headed out Wednesday night and enjoyed a great trip home.

Christmas came and we headed back to Colorado again. We had a great time visiting everyone and a great family Christmas.

New Year’s Eve I was feeling pretty awful. I wanted to have a fun night with Hubby but my stomach was just not up for it. I was laying on the futon and I asked Hubby to feel my stomach. I was so uncomfortable and I could literally feel my stomach move. When he felt my stomach move he insisted on a pregnancy test or the hospital. I chose the pregnancy test first and after 3 positive test I finally started to believe it.

I found a clinic that did ultrasounds and made an appointment for January 6th. I knew we needed to see someone quickly because it was either twins or I was pretty far along already. We needed to know which. When we first saw our little Monkey’s face it was the most amazing feeling ever! The nurse kept giggling but she wouldn’t tell us anything. After she was done with all the measurements she gave us April 11th as our due date. Quickly we did the math and realized we had only a few short months left. Panic started to set in.

We started making phone calls and telling everyone the great news and we started planning right away too. We needed to find doctors, birthing class, hospital, etc. and quickly. To make matters worse we found out that Hubby was getting laid off from his job April 15th. With that the decision to move back to Colorado came easy. My parents drove down, helped pack up and drive back to Colorado February 22, 2009. We knew we had lots of planning to do for our little girl’s 😉 arrival once we got there.

My wonderful friends threw me a last minute baby shower full of pink for our soon to be princess. We found a midwife clinic really close to home and even like the local hospital’s maternity ward. Things were falling into place quickly which was exactly what we needed. We even had just enough time to get some maternity pictures taken before our little one joined our family which I was grateful for.

We were going to our weekly appointments and I was told I had signs of preeclampsia so they were watching me closely. During a test drive of a new truck my midwife told me that the OB that oversees the practice wanted to induce me due to my high protein levels. My birth plan was to be completely natural so this was against everything I wanted. We let her know that we would come back in to discuss our other options because we weren’t comfortable with induction.

Lucky for us labor had already started. I was about 6 centimeters along when the midwife tried helping us along. She sent us home for some lunch and then told us to come back to deliver our little baby. She said as long as I was progressing I could follow my birth plan. (Don’t hate me for this information please) I was progressing along and we were at 8 centimeters at 8pm when this picture was taken. See I have something called silent labor which is fantastic when you are planning a natural birth. Up until this point I hadn’t felt a contraction yet. My doula would watch the screen and wait for my to show signs of discomfort or pain and nothing. That changed quickly after this picture when they broke my water. Then it came full force.

Shortly at 10pm on March 31st we delievered our Monkey! A healthy baby BOY! Hubby was so excited he became just a blur.

We were pretty surprised after having a been told our little one would be a girl and it made for some funny phone calls the next day, April 1st, telling everyone that the ultrasound was wrong. But it made the ending of our birth story just as great as the beginning!

Three months, almost to the exact time, after finding out we were expecting we were our little Monkey in our arms!