Goose’s Birth Story

The end of my pregnancy with Goose was a tough one. I love being pregnant but with how big he was growing my midwife insisted that their was no way I was going to make my July 25th due date. They just wanted me to make it past the 4th of July…and so did I. So by the time July 23rd rolled around I was ready for him. I was sure I having contractions but because of my silent labor I wasn’t quite sure because I can’t feel them until it is almost time to push. So we headed to the hospital and I was more than ready. Nothing happened. I was still at 4 centimeters which I had been at for weeks!

Fast forward 2 days…my due date. It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep. I decide to sit our my exercise ball and watch TV and just wait out the discomfort because he was just never going to come out. An hour and 45 minutes later my water broke so it was time to wake everyone up!

Hubby got up and is a slow riser so I called my mom for some backup. I knew I would need help getting ready and my labor was pretty quick with Monkey after my water broke. So we were all ready to go but the coffee wasn’t done yet so of course we stood in the kitchen waiting because Hubby insisted we had time. By the time we left I was starting to feel every contraction and asked my mom to drive because I needed Hubby in the back with me helping through the contractions. I wasn’t sure that I would make it through naturally if the pain kept up the way it was but Hubby encouraged me to not think that way.

At 5:36 am we pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. Hubby ran inside to get some help, my doula pulled in at the same time and came stright over to help and my mom got our bags ready to take in. Hubby took forever getting help. No one was at the desk or anywhere to be seen. Finally he came out the doors with a snail nurse following him. She seriously was the slowest person I think I have ever seen.

Once we finally made it in, filled out paperwork and made it upstairs I was begging for a birthing ball. I knew that was the only way I was going to be comfortable. Doula went to find one, Hubby helped me in the bathroom to get a urine sample for the staff, and I was still miserable. Finally I told Hubby that I needed to push and he told me to wait because we couldn’t have our baby on the toilet. I remember thinking “Really, you want me to wait?” I couldn’t imagine how I could stop what was happening so instead I looked up saw the emergency pull string and pulled it. Staff came rushing in and I told them it was time. No one believed me. They helped me get to the bed which was a horrific experience for me. I sat down but couldn’t lay down because it hurt too much. Finally after about 3 more contractions and being told over and over that I had no choice but to lay back I forced myself to lay down. When the nurse went to check how far along I was she understood why I couldn’t lay back…Goose was crowning!

I started pushing and I let them know I was pushing whether they were ready or not. So the nurse started the delivery, another nurse ran out and got a resistant from the hall who finished the delivery and my midwife made it just in time watch it all happen and stitch me up,

Hubby was across the room drinking his coffee not knowing what was going on, my doula was next to me helping me along and got Hubby to come over to help too and my mom was trying to get the camera out to take pictures.

Goose made his way into the world 15 minutes after we entered the hospital at 5:55am on his due date…which is very rare!