Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is Hubby’s birthday but of course we planned for him to be at work today so we celebrated yesterday. Monkey and Goose started the morning with cuddling in bed with us, which is every morning when they wake up before us. Then I made a surprise homemade biscuits and sausage gravy! Hubby’s favorite. To stay on THM plan I made scrambled eggs with some of the sausage and some cheese and I was even able to add some gravy on top to give it a little different flavor. This was important because I knew I would be eating cake later that day which is not on plan.

We headed to church and Hubby got some quiet time and watched a movie that we wouldn’t have enjoyed. We had pizza for lunch because it is one of Hubby’s favorite.

Normally for dinner I make his mom’s Mexican Casserole however after searching at least 5 stores for the right ingredients we had to choose another dinner option and change up the tradition now that we no longer live in CO. So we went with loaded nachos instead. He was still pleased. And man were they filling!

We also had to make a cake so while Hubby and Monkey were building their Batman Lego set from Christmas Goose and I decided we’d make the cake.

I sang happy birthday with a little help from Hubby but the boys had nothing to do with singing.

And that was some awesome cake too! I think it was the best box cake I’ve ever made! And did you notice the awesome decorations? I planned to just bake the cake and add the frosting but realized that there was some extra and that I actually had food coloring and cake decorating tools so I was able to do more! I was surprised at how good it turned out without any planning ahead!

How do you spend your birthday’s now that you are a family? Hubby was very pleased with this years birthday. He loved having some great family quality time! The past two years we haven’t been so lucky. It was a special day for us!

Happy Birthday! Hope we get to see many more together!