Building Confidence In A World That Tears It Down

Building confidence in a child is not easy task in a world that tears it down. Pride is honored. Putting others down is consider to be ok. So when you have a child that is on the other end of the spectrum and is the one that prideful children are hurting and putting them down how do you build confidence?

I’ve struggle with this for Monkey. He has a very tender and kind heart. He almost always puts others first. He wants to be with others on a regular basis even after he is repeatedly heartbroken from them. He loves unconditionally. He cares so deeply. God has given him a very compassionate heart. Because of that he is hurt often.

Before we moved he was taking teakwondo. It was great to watch his confidence grow. Both his physical and emotional confidence made leaps and bounds. He felt stronger. He was challenged and saw himself overcome struggles. But teakwondo is expensive and with our move to another state it wasn’t something that we could continue while living so far from the city. So now I’m seeking ways to instill this confidence at home.

At home I strive to…

  • speak encouraging words as often as possible
  • give lots of hugs and kisses
  • encourage stepping out of our comfort zones
  • allowing for mistakes to be made
  • talking through feelings
  • encouraging kind attitudes towards all people
  • teaching how to handle brokenhearted emotions
  • talking through others words and actions
  • talking through other ways to handle situations if they come up again
  • taking breaks from people that are causing broken hearts if necessary

How do you teach confidence in your home? I’d love to hear some suggestions. I’m always looking for new ways to build up my family!